The RRRink Cuts Costs with Cool Energy Savings

The RRRink—the only indoor ice arena in Medford, Oregon—has hundreds of hockey and figure skating customers each month. This 37,500-square-foot facility has long operating hours, which leads to both high energy use and high utility bills. In 2014, the RRRink worked with Energy Trust of Oregon to identify cost-effective efficiency measures. The assessment identified lighting and refrigeration upgrades as the main energy-saving opportunities.

The RRRink’s retrofit included upgrading compressor controls on the refrigeration system that freezes and maintains the rink’s surface and replacing existing 400-watt metal halide fixtures with 125-watt high-bay LEDs. After making these upgrades, the RRRink’s owners report saving 195,000 kilowatt-hours annually and paying less on monthly utility bills.

The lighting upgrade also provided a benefit to the RRRink’s customers. They reported better visibility after shadows on the ice caused by the old lighting system disappeared.

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